Mobile Bar Hire Services in Surrey & Hampshire

Bar Hire For Private Events

Planning a private event involves meticulous attention to detail to ensure your guests have an unforgettable experience. One crucial element that can truly elevate your event is professional bar hiring.

Bootleg Bars can offer a tailored solution for your party.

Tailored Beverage Experience

Our bar hiring services are all about customization. You may like to have a paid bar or one that is complimentary for your guests. We will also work closely with you to craft an experience that aligns with your event’s theme, style, and guest preferences. Whether you envision a sophisticated cocktail bar, a wine and cheese soirée, or a casual craft beer corner, we can bring your vision to life.

Professional Bartenders

Our team includes skilled and experienced bartenders who are not just experts in mixing drinks but also in delivering exceptional customer service. They’ll ensure that your guests receive top-notch, friendly, and efficient service throughout the event, leaving a lasting impression.

Diverse Drink Selection

We offer a diverse range of beverages to cater to your guests’ tastes. From classic cocktails and fine wines to local craft beers and non-alcoholic options, our selection ensures that there’s something for everyone. Plus, we can create signature drinks tailored to your event for that extra touch of uniqueness.

Stress-Free Service

We take responsible alcohol service seriously. Our bartenders are trained to check IDs and monitor alcohol consumption to ensure the safety and well-being of festival attendees. You can trust us to provide a safe and enjoyable environment.

Enhancing the Atmosphere

A professionally staffed bar adds an element of sophistication and entertainment to your private event. It becomes a focal point where guests can socialize, indulge in creative drinks, and create memorable moments.

Clean-up and Departure:

After the event, our team takes care of everything, from cleaning up the bar area to packing up equipment. You won’t have to worry about the hassle of post-event clean-up.